Vocational Training and employment, in addition to bringing in a sense of purpose to the person with disability, also serves to empower them to live as fully participating members of the community and to uplift them and their families to the mainstream of the society. With social and economic independence, people with intellectual disabilities can survive independently, start their own families, enjoy life and prosper just like others.

Vocational training is given in making a variety of products such as handcrafted organic soap, jewellery, stationery files and folders, paper carry bags, disinfectant floor cleaner, note books, candles, incense sticks and other stationery products such as greeting cards, envelopes and writing pads. We also provide training for agriculture, organic farming, gardening, horticulture, floriculture and pisciculture. Extensive training is given for tailoring also in our center. Training for developing office administration skills such as typewriting, filing, photocopying, basic banking operations, stock-taking and answering phone calls are also provided.