Radiant Oral school for the hearing impaired.

At ROSHI, we provide a stimulating experience in a friendly and informal environment through a favorable student-teacher ratio of 1:5. The emphasis throughout is on helping the child to acquire linguistic competence through communication that is best suited to his/her need. The center also aims at finding each child’s area of competence and helps him/her to become a confident, well adjusted person who is able to completely manage the limitations of his/her sensory impairment. We value and nurture the development of each child's self esteem, imagination and creativity; giving them an opportunity for mental, social and emotional development to the fullest.

We follow a comprehensive oral method in teaching in place of sign language. Through constant training the children are able to comprehend sound and express themselves by using words and sentences. Regular service of a speech therapist is available at our center so that the children receive individual speech therapy and this enhances the ability for verbal communication. The children who have successfully completed training at ROSHI are able to get along with other normal children and communicate verbally.